Kiev Casinos

Top Myths about Kiev Casinos you Should Know

There are a lot of myths circulating about gambling and casinos and most of them will sound a bit weird to anyone who is not familiar with this world. You will discover that most of the myths about Kiev casinos are about them being unfair, or how the payout percentages or chances of winning are not random. There are people who do believe these myths, which can have an impact on their gambling experience. It is best to clear these up, so you will be able to have fun to the fullest and enjoy your time when you decide to visit Kiev casinos. Are you ready to know the myths? Let’s check them out:

  • The games are rigged

The first and most prominent one of the myths about Kiev casinos is that the games are rigged and most people won’t argue. After all, the games are rigged in a certain way and it is known as the house edge. In the long run, the house will always win and that’s the whole point of casinos. They are established to enable the owners to make some money and you just cannot take it away. All of the Kiev casinos use random number generators (RNGs) for making the outcome of every game genuinely random.

This is similar with craps, slots, roulettes and every other game of chance. There is a certain chance of winning and you can win big, but that only means that more people are losing big at the same time.

  • Dealers can determine the outcome of games

There are a lot of people out there who may believe that the staff at Kiev casinos and others can affect the outcome of the various games. This assumption is fair in the sense that the dealer is responsible for operating the cards, which means they could cheat. The problem is that it is only possible for them to do it once and the security staff will spot them and report them instantly. The penalty that will be applicable is quite steep, so every casino will try to avoid this situation.

There is a large team of professionals in Kiev casinos who are watching every table and analyzing the games in order to identify any cheaters from both sides. If you think the dealer is cheating, you can report them to the pit boss and get a reward.

  • The payout rates are literal

There are some novice players who believe that if a slot machine has a payout rate of 95%, then you will not lose more than 5% of your budget. But, the fact is that it just doesn’t work that way. The payout rates are decided after various simulations, so if it is 95%, then it doesn’t mean that five spins will be enough. The possibility of losing is on the higher side as opposed to winning, but this is what makes a visit to Kiev casinos so interesting; you never know what might happen.

  • A winning combination occurs after a number of spins

While proving this is not really easy, every player should understand that slot machines don’t really have any rules like win after X spins. There is a high probability that you might hit at least one winning combination after making twenty spins, but there is no hard-and-fast rule. It is possible that you win 10 times in a row, or have a losing streak that’s 25 spins long. Slot machines in Kiev casinos, like everywhere else, are completely random.

  • Spend more to win more

The problem with this myth about Kiev casinos is that it contradicts a few others. This one indicates that casino games are not random and if you spend more, you will be able to win more. But, the fact is that all the games are random indeed and the amount of money you spend will have absolutely no impact on how much winnings you are able to score. If you find a non-random game, you can sue the casino and that’s how you might end up with a huge pile of money, not by winning any game.

  • Winners don’t get paid in casinos

One of the most widespread myths about casinos is that winners don’t really get paid. This might be true of low-quality gambling venues, but the same cannot be said for Kiev casinos as they will pay off all legitimate winnings of their players. If they do not pay off their winners, they will be looking at a legal tangle that can end up putting their license at risk, which is something that every casino wants to avoid.

The trick is that most Kiev casinos now have to pay out only relatively small winnings, especially when it comes to slot machines. Only when players win a progressive jackpot do they have to worry about big prizes.

  • You won’t hit a jackpot if someone just won

Speaking of jackpots, a lot of people are concerned about them. Can you win the jackpot if someone else walked away with one just an hour ago? Yes, indeed, it is possible for people to win the jackpot again. You can check the rules of Kiev casinos and it will be mentioned there. All jackpots come with their established starting points and they will be paid out to those who win.

  • Change a bet size for tricking a slot machine

If there is a way that you can trick the slot machines in Kiev casinos, it has to involve a large hammer. Unfortunately, a large number of players believe that it can be done in mysterious ways, like changing the number of pay lines or the bet size. However, the fact is that you can boost your odds of winning by placing a more significant bet at a different game known as video poker. In all the other games, the winnings are directly proportional to the amount of the bet.

  • Card counting means jail

It is a given that Kiev casinos wouldn’t like players who count cards because it can help them reduce the house edge, but this doesn’t mean that they can put anyone in jail for doing so. You can use your brain for playing at a casino and it might help you in scoring a big win, which will make the casino unhappy. If they catch you counting cards, all they can do is ban you from playing in the casino ever again. There is absolutely no law that actually forbids you from using this strategy to win, but casinos don’t like it when you try to neutralize their advantage.

  • Placement of the slot machines

Another common myth that’s widely believed by people is that the ‘paying’ slot machines are purposefully kept near the entrance, so that the first thing you will see when you enter Kiev casinos is some guy who has just won the jackpot. This one is highly connected to a couple of other myths that have already been mentioned above. You have to remember that there is no such thing as a ‘paying’ or ‘non-paying’ slot machine. All of these machines are completely random, but some machines do have a higher payout rate than the rest.

  • Skilled roulette or slot players

If you like to play games of chance when you visit Kiev casinos, then you have probably heard stories about people who are sure that they know how to play roulette or slots to win. They know mysterious patterns and hidden secrets that enable them to predict the results of a spin and more. But, it is best for you to not take any of these people seriously. As stated earlier, all games of chances that you will find in Kiev casinos are based on completely random events. Some of them may involve skills, but some don’t.

The games that you will find in Kiev casinos that involve skill include baccarat and blackjack, where counting cards is possible, video poker and craps, where you can learn the best strategy and stick to it and Poker, where your goal is to figure out how to outthink your opponent. Roulette and slots are completely random and the only thing you have to do with these games is to learn how to manage your budget when you are playing them.

  • Virgin gamblers

This term is used to refer to players who are gambling for the first time and have not visited Kiev casinos before. There are varying opinions about whether it has to involve gambling for the first time or their first time playing a particular game, but the popular opinion is that virgin girls tend to be lucky while guys don’t. It is not even possible to say what this myth is based on because there is no logic to it. The only thing that you do need to know is that if you are playing a skills game like poker or craps, for the first time, then it is unlikely that you will win because you may end up making unwise turns and bets. But, when it comes to slot machines in Kiev casinos, it doesn’t matter how much you have played before.

  • Rituals and lucky charms

Do you wear your lucky socks when you are going to Kiev casinos or your lucky shirt? Do you spit on your left shoulder before you step into a casino? Do you have a lucky pendant that you wear? Are these questions even making sense? For most people, these don’t come off as sensible because there is nothing to prove that any of this works. There is no study that indicates a piece of clothing, jewelry or an action or ritual may have any impact on your gambling outcomes. However, if you believe in these superstitions, then using them will not really cause any harm to you. But, it should be noted that they will not do you any good either, so you should be prepared to lose as well.

  • Gambler’s fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is also one of the most renowned myths and it refers to the belief that previous result in Kiev casinos could have an effect on the upcoming one. But, the fact is that they are really not connected. The gambler’s fallacy is also known as the Monte Carlo Fallacy due to the event that occurred in 1913 at the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco. In a single streak, the roulette ball ended up hitting black 26 times, which meant that people who had repeatedly placed their bets on red had to suffer from millions in losses.

The fact is that if a roulette wheel is balanced perfectly, as it should be, then there is an equal chance of it hitting either red or black. Every particular event is entirely random and when the ball was thrown for the 27th time in the game, its chances of hitting red were the same as in the first spin. The odds had been 1 in 66 million in the case of Monte Carlo. Due to such high odds, such a chain of events is regarded as improbable.

After you have gone through these myths about Kiev casinos and others, it is obvious that these are mere superstitions and don’t really amount to anything. There is no solid logic or evidence that can actually support these myths and they have proven to be false more than once. Myths about casinos, slots and gambling are usually the last resort of people who have suffered from losses, but there is no truth to them.

Players are free to walk out of casinos when they are on a losing streak. But, if you want to continue trying your luck, you can visit different Kiev casinos and opt for different games in order to keep the excitement up and running. The best way to improve your chances is to separate the skill games from the casual ones and play responsibly.